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This is really amazing! well made

Another classic ! very funny

U forgot the "DOCTORS HATE THIS GUY!"or similar click bait

anyways great video man

ApexxWolf responds:

I put the "people hate her" on the fake YouTube ad part, don't know if that's similar or not :P

Thank you very much :D

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Really well made it sounds so professional
It reminds me very much of "Adam Phillips : The Last of the Dashkin"cartoon.

Great Job Shawn

IoTheEternal responds:

aw wow that's a high honour to be compared to adam phillips! Thank you!

Yeah he was the pinnacle of animated talent on this site, really helped to raise the bar :)

thanks man!

thanks for the review!


Very nicely made,i might use this in a song as background if it's ok?

IoTheEternal responds:

as long as you credit me! :)

Glad you like!

thanks for the review!


Very nice panning and stereo mixing.Volumes are perfectly mixed as always.
Sounds very clear and gives a really nice vibe.

IoTheEternal responds:

Thanks man! I really loved this song in the game :)

Your compliments are as always noted and appreciated :)

thanks for the review!


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Very beautiful and detailed,you are very talented.

Very soft colors,really fits.the flower patterns really adds to this too.

IoTheEternal responds:

Well thank you! I've been drawing since before I could walk!

I really wanted an elegant victorian style look here - I am glad I was able to pull it off :)

thanks for the review Svenzo! :)


Very beautiful.I can't draw at all so i always admire people that can draw really good.
A lot of details in this drawing,very impressive.

IoTheEternal responds:

Thank you very much! I am actually an artist, not a musician, ironically.. I've been drawing since before I could walk.. I just tried music for fun and well.. look where it got me hahaha :P

thanks for the review! I will gradually be submitting more of my art here :)

be sure to check out the links in the desc :)


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